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Parish Council Grants

Winterbourne Parish Council is empowered to award grants, at its absolute discretion, to local non- profit organisations which can demonstrate a clear need for financial support to achieve an objective which will benefit the Parish.

To be eligible for a grant your project or organisation must clearly benefit residents within the Winterbourne Parish Council area.

Organisations will normally be expected to have clear written aims and objectives, a written constitution, and a separate bank account controlled by more than one signatory.

The Parish Council will NOT award grants to: -
Private individuals
General Appeals
Commercial organisations
Purposes for which there is a statutory duty upon other local or central government departments to fund or provide
“Upward funders”. i.e. local groups where fund-raising is sent to a central HQ for redistribution
Activities promoting political beliefs or political campaigns
Activities promoting religious beliefs

This list is not exclusive and may be added to at the council’s discretion.
Only one application for a grant per project will normally be considered from any organisation in any one financial year.

Ongoing commitments to award grants in future years will not be made. A fresh application will be required each year.

The Parish Council reserves the right to refuse any grant application which it considers to be inappropriate, or against the objectives of the Council.


Applications must be sent to the Clerk.

All applications must be accompanied by the Council’s Grant Application Form which must be fully completed, and support documentation must be supplied.
Failure to complete the form fully and failure to supply requested information may result in the application not being put forward for consideration.

Applicants must give evidence in their application of how the project will meet parishioners needs, and that the project has local support.

Applications can only be accepted from non-profit making organisations and societies.

Grant applications should be for specific projects and not the general running costs of an organisation unless this has been agreed in advance.

For repeat applications detailed evidence must be included on how previous grants have been utilised.


The Council would expect organisations to raise a reasonable amount of funds themselves towards a specific project or scheme.

Where the Council agrees funding for a specific project, proof of purchase of the goods or services must be provided before the grant is distributed.

Written permission must be obtained if there is any change to the use of funds.

The Council does not provide support for profit making organisations.

If an application is made for an event that is expected to make a profit/ surplus, then evidence is required to show how any profit/ surplus will be managed to reduce reliance on future grant requests.

The Council reserves the right to impose what conditions it wishes as a condition of accepting an application for a grant.

Upon completion of the project, any remaining funds should be returned to the Parish Council where it will be held as an earmarked reserve.

If the group is unable to use the award for the stated purpose, all monies must be returned to the Council.

All grant recipients must use monies within that financial year or agreed time period.

The Parish Council may make the award of any grant or subsidy subject to such additional conditions and requirements as it considers appropriate.

Grant applications are not normally considered in retrospect.

The decision of the Council not to make a grant shall be final.


Upon receipt of properly completed forms and all required attachments (preferably by electronic submission) the Parish Council will consider grant applications at the next scheduled Finance and General Purposes Meeting.

If an application is recommended for approval by the Finance and General Purposes Committee the application will then be but forward at the next scheduled Full Council meeting.

All applications must be approved at a Full Council Meeting. The Clerk will contact the application following the meeting with the outcome.

If you need further clarification or assistance in the completion of the application, then please contact the Parish Clerk

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