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Freedom of Information Policy

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 gives individuals the right  to access information held by public bodies, which includes Winterbourne Parish Council.  Detailed information can be obtained from the Information Commissioner’s website:

Winterbourne Parish Council wishes to conduct its business in an open and honest fashion.  When the Parish Council makes a decision it is important that the Public is informed how these decisions have been made.

  • Availability: The Parish Council will make information publicly available unless there is a sound operational or public interest reason for not doing so, or there are legal reasons preventing it in particular reasons relating to the Data Protection Act and the privacy of individuals. 
  • Confidentiality: Similarly the Parish Council will not classify documents as confidential without clear justification for doing so. 
  • Exemptions: The Parish Council recognises that the exemptions to access in the Freedom of Information Act may allow the Parish Council not to release a document. but do not prevent it from releasing that document.
  • Equality: The Parish Council will develop an environment in which access to information is not dependent of a persons physical, social or educational circumstances or first language. 
  • Charges: The Parish Council will charge any fee allowed by the Freedom of Information Act or Data Protection Acts and Regulations to help cover the cost of finding and making available the requested information.  Where the applicant requests information that would cost more than the maximum allowed by Regulations, the Parish Council will endeavour to agree with the applicant either a reduced requirement or that they will pay the full cost.  The Parish Council will not seek to make a profit from the operation of Freedom of Information legislation – instead only seeking to cover its costs. 
  • Records Management: The Parish Council will specify adequate filing, retention, security, tracking, destruction and recycling standards as part of its ongoing development with data.

Request to view information

Please provide your name, address and either a contact telephone number or email address stating if the request relates to the Freedom of Information Act. Please detail the request itself and what format the document is required. Please also specify the preferred method of communication. The Parish Council is legally required to provide information within 20 working days of receipt. The Parish Council will maintain contact with the applicant through this process, advising of any delays where applicable.

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