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Community Nature Reserve

Winterbourne Parish Council are excited to be establishing a Community Nature Reserve. This will include both private gardens and land under local authority control.

Everyone who manages a garden with wildlife in mind is invited to say what they are doing and register their patch of land as part of the nature reserve. 

Winterbourne Parish Council is actively enhancing nature-rich

areas under our control as part of our Local Climate and Nature

 Action Plan working with South Gloucestershire Council as well.


We would like to thank Emerson's Green Town Council for the idea of

a Community Nature Reserve, as stated on their website: 

"Nature reserves don’t have to be out there, away from anything.

 They can be right here, next to your house, in your garden. We

 already have amazing areas for wildlife. We have meadows and

commons, teeming with insects and wildflowers. We have woodland and

wetland, ponds and rivers.  Becoming a community nature reserve will help us realise the potential of our own gardens, learn to value the wildlife around us,

 care for it and recognise ourselves as part of the great community

of life."

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